Welcome to ZOHAIB ENTERPRISES We are the General Supplier & Service Provider.

General Supplies

ZOHAIB ENTERPRISES dealing in any kind of supplies like Stationeries, Cleaning Supplies, Guest Supplies, Groceries, Spices, Dried Fruits Meat Supplies (Sea Food, Fresh Meat & Poultry), Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

Engineering Supplies:

We have a vast Experience Engineering Team , those are special in Procurement. Any kind of Engineering Supply, Spare Parts, Machines Card, we can procure it for you.

Engineering Services:

We have a Special Team of Electrical, Mechanical, & Civil Engineering. We are expert in ducting, Installation of Chiller, HVAC, & Power Plant. Also Interior Design & Services like (Room Decoration, Painting, Plumbing, Carpenters Work).

IT Services:

We are dealing in all the IT Equipments Computers, Printers, Scanner, Printer Toners, Cartridges Filling and Computer Accessories.

About Us

Zohaib Enterprises founded in 2018, and mission of the company is to provide the needs of supplies and services to the companies in Pakistan. We believe in working hard to meet customer satisfaction we have never been known to compromise on the quality of our services. We Provide cost effective products & services to the companies, helping procurement department to procure the best product is our aim.


We are the General Supplier & Service Provider.

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